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medical devices around the world since 2020

What do we do? 

We source and import Emergency Medical Equipment for hospitals and health care organizations. We are working direct with manufacturers to cut costs and overpricing. We supply the whole selection of gloves, masks, thermometers, test kits, ventilators etc. and we consult and advice . anything from products to logistics to business. We are integrating an impressive ever-growing pool of various specialists around the world.

Who are we?

We are a Swiss medical company operating an International Emergency Task Force.  We are present in Brazil, China, Finland, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Norway, Mexico, Oman, Switzerland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, UK, USA and many other countries.  

We consist of a team of senior multinational executives experienced in international pharmaceutical trade, logistics, science, and other professions. Pharmaceutical business leaders, military officers, head of global big pharma procurement, international pharma filter and cleanroom specialist, Chinese and other diplomats, both Chinese and Western businessmen and investors, retired government agents, electronics engineer in Hong Kong, business developers in Chinese trade, logistics CEOs, Chinese and Hong Kong business owners, medical specialists, global trade directors. All about procurement, Asian trade, hospital supplies. All excited to join forces at LSZ Medical Supplies, and give back in difficult times.

Corona gave all of us a new job description

Just last winter, we at LSZ were helping in science, funding and future businesses, eg.: 

- a cancer innovation project explaining the root cause of cancer, 

- a mobile virus diagnostic device startup with already successful trials on MERS, 

- two separate pulmonary drug dosing innovations direct to the lungs, 

- a near-mobile vaccine manufacturing technology not needing sterile spaces, and 

- an IoT innovation company for critical pharma and health care logistics and security for sought after vaccines or otherwise valuable goods.

The scientists are now deeply involved in Covid-19 related research (with some breakthrough developments already), and commercial managers are here at LSZ Medical Devices shortening the procurement process, and cutting out unethical middlemen. With trust and better communication less time and money will be spent, and more lives saved.

We aim at reliability and fair prices

Our aim is to supply Medical Equipment where it is needed most. We know many of our supplier business owners. We are in direct contact with the leading suppliers in eg. China and represent quality products. We have sourcing managers on site and we aim to sell at fair prices. We support charities, and we arrange equipment donations from manufacturing to the desired destination.

Our suppliers are checked by our experienced Chinese staff. Products are approved and certified (CE certified and FDA listed, where feasible) and of high quality based on tested standards (yes, the standards is a messy topic).

Its a seller's market

Prices are getting higher every day, while some supplies are heading into a shortage and raw material issues are making products hard to acquire at all. With larger volumes all prices can be negotiated, however, most prices will keep increasing weekly or even daily. The price pressure leads too often to compromised quality.. We work with established relationships with suppliers we have known for many years. Client's own inspection at shipping can be arranged and is highly recommended.

Please write or call for details. Feel free to inquire any products and quantities. 

Unfortunately, availability and all terms are subject to change as there are no stocks available.